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DRI Sleeper Japan

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Urosensor(交換用センサー)

DRI Sleeper Eclipse Urosensor(交換用センサー)

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本製品はDRI Sleeper eclipse用の交換用センサーです。





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Customer Reviews

Based on 232 reviews
Mon B. (Sydney, AU)
Doesn’t wake my daughter

My daughter (5y) must be a very heavy sleeper as the alarm when right next to her bed head doesn’t seem to wake her unfortunately, even though it is quite loud and the whole house up and downstairs wakes up. I will keep at it as when I wake from it I go and get her out of bed to empty her bladder on the toilet. Have seen little improvement but we have also adapted some changes before bedtime so could be that…

Aine (Navan, IE)

My little girl (7) who has always been a deep sleeper no matter what we have tried over the years has never woke up dry until now!! We kept the pull up on with the alarm , the first 2 nights she woke up turned off the alarm but didn’t make it to the bathroom on time, the following 4/5 nights she woke to the alarm to only the tiniest bit of urine in pull up and managed to make it to the toilet . She spent the next 14 days either waking by herself to go to the toilet or sleeping through the whole night dry ! Now a month on we actually can’t believe how quick it worked. Finally, the confidence booster she needed for herself especially since her younger sister had been dry at night since been potty trained . It was really dragging her down she’s is just delighted with herself . We’re just sorry we spent so long debating whether to buy the alarm but definitely worth every penny. I’m so happy for her and grateful to Dri sleepers 💖

NM (Townsville, AU)
It truly works!

We’ve been using the alarm for 5 weeks now and my son has been dry every night for 2 weeks! In the first week the alarm woke him to go to the bathroom and all that was required was an underwear change. No changing of bed sheets!! Now he’s waking up on his own to go to the toilet and most nights not going at all! Highly recommend!

Mariel S. (Melbourne, AU)
Great results

It helped instantly with my son using the toilets at night, few accidents here and there but after 3 weeks he was dry!! What a win after 7 years. He has been dry for over 2 weeks and I still can’t believe this.

Smith (Auckland, NZ)

We are week 3 into our training and are making great progress. Our solid sleeper (6) moved from the alarm going off 3 times a night with a full wet pull up to the alarm going off but making it to the toilet and now in week 3 we have so far had 5 nights with no beeps and completey dry pull ups! She is so happy with her progress chart!

Good progress is being made! All the best for reaching 14 dry nights.